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Chocolate, hazelnuts and honey – delicious while at the same time healthy. All of the ingredients have been combined in perfect proportions what, makes honeychoc and exceptional spread that really stands out. The unique character of this spread is emphasized by the fact that honeychoc does not have any artificial colorings, preservatives or sweetening agents. Honeychoc spread is a perfect choice for children during their growth period, people who are active and people who simply love chocolate.

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About Honey

Bees do not gather honey with the purpose of benefitting the humans. They do so in order to preserve their species. Honey is one of the elements of their "diet," and once picked by the bees, it is stored in honeycombs as food supply. Bees "produce" honey with the use of a special nectar secreted by glands located in various plants.
These plants can be divided into two categories: nectar producing plants and honeydew plants. While bees pick the nectar directly from the nectar plants once it has been produced, the case of honeydew plants differs, as the bees collect the dew, once it has been processed by aphids and woodworms ... read more

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